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Recommended Tools & Services

Welcome to the recommended tools and products page! Below are some of the utilities I use almost every day in business and in my opinion are some of the very best in the industry!
Give Drop Box a try today...Very easy to install and use!

Credit Card Processing

Welcome To The Confusing World of Credit Card Processing Services!

   If you are like me you will wait as long as you can to put in Credit Card processing equipment to avoid having to go thru the nightmare of which company to go with and who to trust so you don't get fee'd into the red every month.

    Well as quick books Proadvisor I saw that Intuit Merchant Services actually has some pretty good rates for us and so I signed up here recently, Now I can process Credit Cards online and thru Quickbooks for about 9.95 a month with pretty decent rates and then they bundled in E-Checks for another $5.00 and I can do checks over the phone for .23 a transaction! (I can't even mail a check for that)

   Here is the good new s for you! You can get these same great rates if you go thru one of us ProAdvisors; to have my account rep over at Intuit, Steve Matarazzo give you a call; just leave your name, phone and email address below and he will go over the full details with you on the phone and you can sign up then if you have further interest. (btw they will cut me a little referral fee if you mention my name)  

Below is also a  snap shot of the rates and the terminal that you will need if you process like at a store (go over to Ebay and get a Verifone Vx 510 or similar terminal for about $100 (used) Intuit will program it for you for free.
The Verifone Vx 510

Click to go over to Ebay:
If you would like Steve to give you a call please leave your information below:
Hello Steve, Joseph Shrock said that I could get some pretty good rates thru Intuit for credit card processing, would you mind giving me a call at:
or at my cell:
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Robo Form Review

RoboForm: Learn more...
   Robo Form® is the password manager and form filler tool that I use and depend on very heavily for my logins and form fill-ins, I have a license on my main computer, one on my laptop and an "everywhere" account so it constantly can be synchronized between the 2 computers which is extremely handy as you can imagine!
And if I am somewhere without my computer I can go to and log in to my RoboForm account from any web browser and still have access all my accounts.

Very, very good tool and highly recommended there is no other tool like it on the market that even compares to my knowledge; click below and run a trial and see for yourself how very good this tool is:
It is an extremely useful tool.It makes my life so much more orderly. It makes it easy for me to have a different password for each of my dozens of logins, which is a good security practice. Once the password is saved in the database, it is ready to use on both my PC and my MacBook.
~ Lavern G, Tennessee
Barbecue Cookers & Smokers

Lavern Gingerich
All task done...Roboform PRO really helps  ~Ryan L
Ryan Leonor

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